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Metal roofs offer several advantages including a longer life cycle than roofing materials like asphalt, and cedar. Metal roofs can withstand the elements including hail, heavy rain and snow, and high winds. Metal roofs have also been credited for protecting homes during forest and brush fires. In fact, in many areas’ insurance companies offer homeowners up to a 30% reduction in their homeowners insurance when they install a metal roof. This will vary by insurance providers. Contact your homeowners insurance carrier for specific discount.


Available in three different styles: standing-seam roofing, panel roofing, and look-alikes including tiles, cedar, or slate. Standing-seam metal roofs have large ribs, which require crimping or soldering to connect them. Panel roofing panels resemble standing-seam roofing however, these require being screwed down. With the exception of the screw-down panels, metal roofing installations require special training.


What Customers Should Consider when Choosing Metal Roofing?


Metal roofs can initially cost up to three to four times more than asphalt or cedar roofs. However, homeowners must keep in mind that the average asphalt cedar roof will require replacing approximately every 15 to 20 years, whereas metal roofs can last over 60-years, making metal the perfect roofing choice.


Some differences between traditional roofing materials and metal roofing are their warranties. The average premium asphalt roofs usually have warranties that range around  30 years to limited lifetime , whereas the warranties of metal roofs can range up to 50 years plus, which is a lot longer than traditional roofing materials.


Some benefits of a metal roof is that they provide excellent insulation, reducing both air conditioning and heating bills. However, with all of these wonderful benefits, many people are hesitant about having a metal roof installed on their homes because of their homeowners associations (HOA) and the covenants and by laws that govern them. If you live in an area where the HOA has specific requirements on your homes roofing materials always get approval on your roofing choice and color.


Metal roofs are available in a variety of different styles, colors and finishes, with many that resemble other roofing materials including cedar shake, slate, asphalt shingles and clay tiles, so that there is at least one that will satisfy even the most authoritarian homeowners associations.

Energy Savings with Cool Metal Roofing


As rising prices affect our energy bills and an increasing number of homeowners are seeking more energy efficient-saving building materials when constructing new homes and even when making renovations on current homes.


 Metal roofs are one such energy-efficient building material that can save homeowners approximately 40% on their annual energy bills depending upon geographical regions. Metal roofs are available in an array of different colors, textures, and profiles, and are also available in both steep-slope and low-slope applications. With extreme low slope roofs


It has been proven that reflective metal roofing provides an average of 40% saving in summer cooling cost, by reducing attic air temperatures by as much as 12 F. In addition, to lowering energy cost, most metal roofs are composed of recycled material. Therefore, not only do metal roofs conserve energy, but they also help the environment. Thus, metal roofing materials are environmentally friendly, maintenance-free, durable, as well as beauty alternative energy-efficient building material.


Traditional Roofing vs. Metal Roofing


The roof is the main structure, which protects the home from the effects of the elements. Therefore, the material that the roof is made has to be able to withstand extreme conditions, ranging from blazing hot summers to wintry ice or driving wind and rain. There are many roofing materials that simply cannot withstand this abuse of the weather, such as wood and asphalt. Therefore, it’s important that you select a roofing material that is strong and made from a durable and resistant material such as copper, aluminum, or other metals, which will withstand just about anything Mother Nature has to offer.

Most people are guilty of not maintaining their roof properly or even having it routinely checked to stop or prevent damage, such as curling or cupping shingles. By routinely inspecting your roof you can remove any debris, which may cause damage to your roof, thus preventing costly repairs later. With metal roofs, homeowners don’t have to worry about curling or cupping shingles.

Asphalt shingles have for a long time been the traditional choice of roofing material. However, recently standing seam metal roofing has increased in popularity for residential roofing because of its durability, flexibility and because of the low maintenance requirements. Standing seam metal roofs are fire-resistant, weather-resistant, and are easily formed to any roof style. In addition, seam metal roofs are also much easier to install, making them also more economically priced.


Standing seam metal roofing will not rot, mold, split, or crack. Another benefit of standing seam metal roofing is that it is usually created from recycled metal, making it environmentally friendly. Standing seam metal roofing is available in copper, aluminum galvanized or stainless steel and a range of other metals, each with their own look, and benefits. Most manufacturers of standing seam metal roofing offer warranties of 20 years, 50 years, and some even longer, making it longer lasting than traditional roofing materials such as wood shingles or even asphalt. Standing seam metal roofing also helps you conserve more energy than asphalt roofing materials because standing seam metal roofing reflects approximately 70% of the sun's U.V. rays, thus lowering your cooling bills.


When you compare the benefits of standing seam metal roofing, you will see that it is a far better product than traditional roofing materials.


Metal Roofs are a Strong, Sound Investment


Metal roofs offer both strength and style. It is a fact that metal roofs are both durable and long-lasting. However, what many people don’t realize is that there are multiple styles, colors, and textures to choose from when selecting a metal roof. Besides enhancing the appearance of a home, metal roofs also offer other benefits such as the ability to withstand hail, fire, earthquakes, and even strong winds.


Metal roofs can withstand forces of nature that traditional asphalt roofing cannot as asphalt roofing, even the premium quality has to be replaced every 12 to 20 years, whereas, metal roofing material can last approximately 50 or more years. When compared to other roofing materials including wood shingles and concrete, metal is better. Wood shingles can and do weather and in addition, mold, and moss has a tendency to grow on the shingles which are in shaded areas. Concrete tile roofs may seem like the most durable roofing material, however, they suffer from problems brought on by freeze/thaw cycles in northern climates. Another indication of the durability of metal roofs is the warranties offered as many metal roofs come with a 20- to 50-year warranty.


Many people visualize metal roofs as the old rust spotted tin roofs on barns. Though that style and variety are still available, today, metal roofs come in a wide variety of patterns and designs, which will appease most homeowners' associations as well as complement any neighborhood decor. Many metal roofs resemble your standard roofing styles, including cedar shake, slate, tile, and shingle as well as the continuous-seam vertical panels we are so familiar seeing.


It is important to understand that replacing your asphalt roof with a metal roof is a big investment, however, it is also a very strong investment. This is because you will be using premium materials that can last you a lifetime. New metal roofs can costs as much as two times that of an asphalt shingle roof. Yet, when you compare the cost of having to re-roof every 15-20 years with asphalt shingles, to the one-time installation of metal roof you will realize that in the long-run metal roofs are actually a better bargain. In fact, the price of a metal roof is comparable to that of a tile or cedar-shake roof. However, with these, you also have to calculate in replacement cost. This is because while other premium roof materials look beautiful when they are first installed, over time they break down because of exposure to the elements such as wind, rain, and especially to harmful ultraviolet rays. Therefore if you are planning to live in your home for a considerable long time, then you should consider installing a metal roof, which may cost more at first, it will be an investment that will save money in the long run.


So, if you are building a new home or are planning on re-roofing your current home, consider having a metal roof installed. It will save you money in years to come.

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